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How often should you change your swimsuit

The swimsuit’s life depends on many aspects, such as material, cutting, stitching, size fitting, seawater resistance/chlorinated resistance/ light resistance, stretch elastic elongation, washing and maintenance methods, etc.

Generally speaking, the service life of a high-quality swimsuit should be between 5 months and 1 year.

When the fabric is worn out or faded

The swimsuit material is usually elastic. When selecting swimsuits, you can distinguish between soft, thick, high-quality materials and cheap, lightweight materials only by feeling. At the same time, other parts of the swimsuit, such as straps, hooks, and pads, can also determine the service life of the swimsuit. On high-quality swimsuits, you can find that the interior of the elastic strap is high-quality rubber, which can give the swimsuit a longer service life.

All the clothing fabric materials have a service life, same to swimsuits. If it has been used for a long time, it will also have deformation and wear.

When the thread splits or is about to split

Whether it is the seams of the swimsuit itself, or the fixed seam lines of the harness, hook, pad and swimsuit, the stitching process quality is visible. You can intuitively judge whether the stitching can withstand the test of time.

When the elasticity of the swimsuit’s stretch is not good

Many indoor and outdoor swimming pools use chlorine to sterilize water.If a swimming pool is larger, it means a bigger amount of chlorine in the water. Chlorine will damage to the swimsuit fabric. The color of the swimsuit will be faded, and the elasticity of the

swimsuit will be deducted as well.

The salt in the sea water will also cause damage to the swimsuit, and will also make the swimsuit fabric fade and become less elastic.

When swimsuit is damaged by chlorinated water

If you often wear swimsuits in water containing chlorine, you’d better choose chlorine-resistant swimwear.

Unlike common cotton fabrics, the fabric of swimsuits is quite special. In general, after swimming, we recommend that the swimsuits be soaked in clean cold water instead of using any detergent. After washing, they should be dried. The best way, please wash the swimsuit before and after swimming.

Please try to wash by hand. The swimsuit has thin material and structure. Washing it with a washing machine will cause unnecessary wear on the swimsuit sometimes.

Please try to avoid washing the swimsuit with detergent, because it will cause the swimsuit to fade. If the swimsuit is stained, please try to choose a mild detergent, make sure to rinse thoroughly after cleaning, and then dry it.

when your care isn’t right

Please do not use the dryer to dry the swimsuit, and do not expose the swimsuit in the sun. The heat, from sun or generated by the dryer, will easily make the swimsuit fade, even crack and deform.

In the same way, please don’t iron your swimsuit in high temperature.

Please do not soak the swimsuit for a long time, such as overnight immersion. Long-time immersion will cause the fiber of the swimsuit to become loose and deformed, thus affecting the life of the swimsuit.

Avoid smearing a lot of lotion and grease on the swimsuit, such as cosmetics.

Please try to ensure that the swimsuit is completely dry. Any moisture in the fabric will bring the risk of mildew, which will directly end the life of the fabric.

To sum up, the life of a swimsuit depends on many aspects. Generally speaking, a set of high-quality swimsuits should have a service life of 5 months to 1 year. Ultimately though, you are the only one who determines how long a swimsuit should last.

Either way, enjoy!


Post time: Mar-13-2023