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Eight tips for buying a bikini

Core Tip:

Bikini is always the focus of summer, the most beautiful scenery under the sun and on the beach. The very fashionable bikini will let you win a hundred percent turn-back rate and deduce thousands of styles under the blue sea and blue sky.

Bikini is always the focus of summer, the most beautiful scenery under the sun and on the beach. Fashionable bikinis will make you 100% repeating your head. Under the blue sea and blue sky, you will deduce tens of thousands of styles, letting the eye-catching scenery be everywhere.

Now let’s discuss some small tips for buying bikinis.

One.Bikini should choose a low-key or plain pattern

The drooping tendency of over-large breasts is clearly visible, and the circumference that is not proportional to the body is self-defeating, worrying that the movement will be too big and the spring will be leaked… If you have a delicate figure, you should choose a bikini with a pattern. Low-key or plain colors, try to avoid wearing floral patterns, so that others will not focus on your fullness. Sports models can effectively balance excessive sexiness, and high-split and lace-up swimming trunks can effectively shift eyes.

Two.Folds, bows, etc. make the slim beauty immediately look plump

For women with plump lower body, too large buttocks make a small piece of cloth unable to carry. At this time, you should make a full article on the choice of bikinis. Choose a Bikini with a skirt to cover the bottom. Not only the troubles are gone, but it is also a little more enchanting. The vibrant green floral skirt exudes unlimited movement, and the left and right cups of the same color and different colors shift the focus of vision.

Fourth, petite women should choose bottoms with high slits

Petite women should choose bikinis with high slits and exposed hips to make their legs look slender. Flower pattern and high slit design are most suitable for cute petite beauties.

Five, women with big skeletons should not choose light-colored one-piece swimwear

Women with big skeletons should not choose light-colored one-piece swimsuits. Your body without fat will appear bloated if you are such a bag. It doesn’t matter if the skeleton is big, show your shoulders and waist boldly, this kind of swimsuit is the most suitable for you.

Sixth, vest-style or one-piece swimsuits block a wider waistline

For women with fat on their belly, choose a vest or one-piece swimsuit to block the wider waistline, and use design details such as deep V-neck, high slits, and decorative objects to shift their eyes to the chest and legs. Department, beautify the exposed part. Fix body defects and create the most charming beach stunner. Plum red can best set off fair skin. The high slits of the elongated legs, the deep V-neck that attracts attention, the sexy magic weapon to hide the flaws, the little belly girl is promoted to the beach stunner.

Seven, bright orange red and beautiful green

Bright orange red and beautiful green, the perfect combination of a sporty feeling, releases vitality.

Eight.The flower pattern will have the effect of expanding

For swimsuits with patterns and patterns, after the swimsuit fabric is stretched, the pattern of the flowers will have the effect of stretching and swelling, and it will look more plump visually. Spectral striped swimwear, with the help of color, the chest is upgraded and sexy.

Post time: Sep-16-2020