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Daily life tips for diving suits

The diving suit is mainly used to prevent the body temperature from losing too quickly during diving, causing loss of temperature, and also to protect the diver from reefs or harmful animals and plants.

The main raw material of the wetsuit is foamed neoprene. It is usually used in water sports such as diving, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking. Since the foamed neoprene is composed of tiny bubbles, it has a good Insulation, and can reduce its thermal conductivity. At the same time, the bubbles also make the density of the clothes bottom and have buoyancy in the water. Therefore, the diving suit is a functional clothing with heat preservation, abrasion resistance and buoyancy.

We usually attach fabrics to the inner layer of the diving suit, which can better meet the user’s comfort requirements. The fabrics usually fitted include nylon beauty clips, polyester beauty, lycra beauty, mercerized cloth, etc. According to different needs, we will provide embossing, light glue and laminated fabrics. The use of embossing and light glue can reduce the resistance of water and air, which is suitable for more professional sports, such as triathlon.

The types of diving suits are wet and semi-dry. In the production of semi-dry diving suits, specific processing is performed on the neck, wrists and ankles, so as to reduce cold water from entering the body from the outside, taking away body temperature, and achieving better warmth. The thickness of the diving suit ranges from 2MM-8MM. It is suitable for use under different requirements and temperatures.

The manufacturing process of the diving suit includes eight stitches (penetrating stitching) and glue bonding. The manufacturing process is also determined according to the requirements of use.

We also provide wetsuits containing titanium. The addition of titanium can greatly improve the warmth retention of the wetsuit, and the warmth retention performance is doubled without increasing the thickness. At present, this new type of material is very popular with consumers.

Post time: Apr-20-2021