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Choosing a swimsuit depends on the body shape and skin color. Elasticity is not the better

Core tip: there are so many swimsuit brands on the market. I really don’t know what to pay attention to. I often choose a style and color that I like. If you just don’t know how to choose a swimsuit, take a look at this article.

Summer is coming, high temperature and low pressure are unbearable, not to mention sports, even if you move casually are sweating, you can only go swimming to cool down, swimming is the best exercise to lose weight! But how to buy a swimsuit? What to do if you are fat or thin? One piece swimsuit or segmented SWIMSUIT? Bikini is sexy. Can I wear it? Now, I’ll give you an answer.


The choice of swimsuit depends on body shape and skin color

High quality swimsuit requires good elasticity and weak water absorption, which can reduce the resistance to swimming. It is comfortable to wear, fast to drain, easy to wash and easy to dry. To choose the right swimsuit, you should first choose according to the body shape and skin color. White skin is suitable for wearing black, sea blue or colorful swimsuit. Dark skinned people wear white or fluorescent swimsuits better.

A full-bodied person must choose a swimsuit with simple style, but it is not necessarily out of line with split style swimsuit. The swimsuit with high waist position and high foot position can make the body look slender.

For plump people, try to avoid wearing too light colored swimsuits. Straight stripes or small flower patterns will make people thin. In addition, it’s best to choose a swimsuit with a conservative back.

People with round figure need to hide their waist and buttocks. Swimming skirt is a good choice.

Thin people are more suitable for split body swimsuits. If more conservative, you can choose a lighter color one-piece swimsuit.

In addition, if you buy swimming trunks with rope and waist, you’d better not buy triangle ones, because the triangular swimming trunks have great resistance to water, you may take off your swimming trunks when swimming, and buy those that can stick closely to your skin.

The most important thing in choosing a swimsuit is the material


Note that swimsuits are not the more expensive the better.

The material and elasticity are the most important. The style and color can be selected according to your personal preference.

At present, the material of swimsuit in the market is mainly spandex. The international standard of spandex content is about 18%. For a better swimsuit, one is to reach the content of 18 & spandex.

A good swimsuit should have a tight tension. Of course, the greater the elasticity is, the better the springback and recovery is. It is only good if the swimsuit can return to its original shape after several times of stretching.



The maintenance of swimsuits and swimsuits also has a good way. Swimsuits and trunks will deform in case of heat, so don’t wear them in hot springs, wash them with hot water and dry them. If you have sunscreen all over your body, wait until it’s half dry before you put on your swimsuit. Wet the swimsuit with clean water before going into the water. After landing, wash the bathing suit with clean water to remove the chlorine or salt in sea water. After changing, wash the Swimsuit by hand with detergent as soon as possible. Do not use detergent and bleach. After washing can not be vigorously wrung dry, should use a towel to absorb moisture, flat in a ventilated place, natural shade dry, avoid exposure in the hot sun, lest the fabric dry and brittle

Post time: Sep-09-2020